Short haircuts 2015We are almost over the new fashion season of this year but still, short haircuts 2015 continue to dominate. With its fun and flirty look, your personality will certainly stand out. Whether you are thinking of cutting your tresses really short or just going to update the short crop you currently have, you should not miss the hottest short hair trends now!

– Faux bob with side parting. If you are looking for a polished bob, this is the way to go. Faux bob with side parting will give you that stunning, mature look. It can be easily style with a mousse and anti-frizz serum. This trend will complete a glam look when you are off to work or just simply socializing.

– Short messy fluffy hair. Been aiming to be a rock star chic? Short messy fluffy hair will give you that strong yet fun personality. Its messy edges and cuts will match any casual or everyday outfit. With this hairstyle, styling has never been so easy.

– Pixie crop trend. Pixie cuts will never be out of trend. From netizens to celebrities, pixie crop has been a must-have style. It was very popular last year and it continues to do so in 2015. With the gorgeous and sexy look it provides, there is no way you won’t be a head-turner with this hairstyle.

Short haircuts 2015– Edgy mini-mohawk. If you want to be a trend-setter among your friends, dare yourself to have this style. Edgy mini-mohawk suits women with versatile personality. It offers glamour and creativity especially with its waves atop the head.

– Messy long bob. Looking radiant and stunning is very easy with a messy long bob. Its choppy layers are fun and flirty and are easy to maintain.  In fact, it is very flexible and does not require a lot of time for styling.

– Short curls. Who says curls are only for long tresses? Sporting a short curly hair is never impossible. This trend will give you a classic and romantic look ideal for dates and special occasions. Not to mention that it will give you an ultra-feminine aura.

Short haircuts 2015 are indeed a must-have. With the personality it can give you, there is no reason for you to stick with that boring hairstyle you have been wearing for a long time now.