Haircuts 2016When you hear of fashion, you would probably think of fancy clothes, shoes and accessories yet haircuts play a major role in how she looks, regardless of whether they are haircuts for long hair or haircuts for short hair.

Beauty is depicted by how the haircut complements the face of a woman. There are special ways to manipulate hair and cut them in the most appropriate method in order to expose a woman’s beauty. Some of the best haircuts 2016 are simple yet some may be a little more sophisticated.

Dazzling haircuts for women with long hair

Some of the best and mostly preferred haircuts include:

– The firecracker
– Gorgeous waves
– The sweet dimension

The firecracker

This haircut utilizes color and lights up your day regardless of the color chosen. Long hair in color and trimmed in the right areas or coupled up with voluminous layers and thick bangs is guaranteed to move your look to the next level. This haircut is ideal for ladies with long or wide faces. It looks even better on girls with straight hair and thick-textured hair.

Gorgeous waves

Waves are utilized in this haircut in tandem with thick bangs. With a twist of color and blending of the same, it gives life to the hair and layers are introduced while trimming to minimize any unreasonable hair bulk. This haircut does justice to oval faces that are long and have a conspicuous forehead. Hair texture ideal for this haircut is wavy hair bearing curls.

The sweet dimension

For the low maintenance girls enthusiastic about how natural their long hair is, this is the ideal option for them. The haircut basically entails trimming the ends of the strands while using colored ribbons to attain a desired dimension. Bangs can be utilized around the shoulders, jaws and neck. This look is preferred by women of assorted face shapes and thick textured hair.

Versatile haircuts for women with short hair

Some of the widely chosen haircuts in 2016 include:

– The stackable Bob
– The perfect Pixie
– The chin length bob

Stackable Bob

In this haircut, you literally stack hair to form layers stemming from the head’s crown. To complement this, a side fringe coupled up with strategic layers on either side of the face could be utilized. This is recommended for ladies with bigger bodies and fine textured hair.

Perfect Pixie

Haircuts 2016 - Fashion for womenThis cut is one of the quickest to achieve as the pixie is simply styled by switching the color to make a perfect blend and trimming to attain a proper style. This hair cut works best for the girls who have a long face that is slim and fine textured hair strands.

Chin Length Bob

This haircut entails styling the typical Bob to the length of one’s chin to expose the cute face and provide a wide range of styling options. This is ideal for women who would like to attain a soft hair feature despite the fact that it works well with any hair texture.

There are several other haircuts 2016 has seen women have in fashion. Haircuts for long hair and haircuts for short hair have been understood and embraced by hair stylists who eventually, advise their clients appropriately.