Short hairstylesHow to choose short hairstyles for every face shape?

With this season’s resurgence of 1920s style fashions and trends, short hairstyles are in vogue! Because of this, every woman is chopping off her locks to don this hairdo, some with reckless abandonment to their face shape and proportions. This does not mean that some women cannot crop their hair; rocking these short styles can be for anyone, just as long as they take into consideration some important factors before the first cut.

Thinking of Cutting it Short?

Women looking to shed their mane and get a more modern look should not fear cutting hair, but rather take the following into consideration before cutting off their hair :

– Very short hairstyles such as short bobs, pageboy haircuts, and pixie cuts are bold choices that should be made with some consideration. Women with round faces who choose to pixie their hair need to make sure that the cut is close to their head, while women with more angular faces may want to add more volume to keep themselves from looking alien-like.

– Regarding pictures of short hairstyles on celebrities that have similar face shapes or body structures is one of the best ways of picking a flattering haircut. While some cuts may be cute, they do not work on everyone; taking photographs to the hair stylist is also beneficial because it gives them the capability to model a cut on a photo and edit it to their customer’s face.

Short hairstyles– There are a variety of short hairstyles to choose from; from bobs to pixie cuts, pageboys to crops, each cut boasts unique functions. Before you get it cut, consider how long you really want to keep your short hair, and what you will do when it grows out. Pixie cuts and bobs are a commitment requiring upkeep, but a crop may be a more flattering style for you that is low maintenance.

All in all, the short hairstyle craze is a fresh way of updating a look without having to clean out the closet. Because of this, short hairstyles are simple solutions to fashion problems. Take time to consider all options before taking scissors anywhere near hair; this will make sure that smart hair decisions are made while trying to stay on trend. Ultimately, rocking the short hair is a perfect style update as long as it is done with consideration and some patience to ensure a stellar cut.

Short wavy hairstyles

Short wavy hairstyles If you wear short wavy hairstyles you can be sure in your modern and fresh look. These kinds of styles are very suitable for different face types – oval, oblong or square. If your face is with similar structure, do not hesitate to try these hairstyles. Some of the variances are extremely appropriate for a casual look, that’s why today many women wear short hairstyles and importantly, they give them a very young and fresh look. Several hairstyles can be applied here. First, try layered haircut. With layering, you will look attractive and different. Additionally, trying a short crop cut is always a good solution. Nowadays, jaw length bob cut is becoming more and more popular and gives you a cool look. Try cutting the hair behind – short, and layered in front.

You can easily make your style at home. If your hair is wavy, short wavy hairstyles are great because your hair can take on its own wavy patterns. At the same time, the styles are simple to make if you have straight hair. You can make the wanted effect if you apply sea salt spray on your wet hair. After the procedure, try holding your hair with both hands and squeezing it. Let your hair dry naturally and the effect is made. So easy, isn’t it? You will have a nice looking wavy hair, with little efforts and you will definitely attract the attention on you.

Short wavy hairstylesAnother reason the short wavy hairstyles to be so popular is that they highlight the individual and unique view. That’s why they are with good reputation amount young women. With these styles you will definitely look different. The basic concept can be characterized as having long, dyed and straightened fringes. The fringes are brushed and cover the one eye, and rarely- both eyes. The initial purpose of this style is to be different, attractive and fashionable and it is relatively simple, but you should try always to ask your hairstylist for some advice for the best option, according to your face type. The uniqueness of your hairstyle can be enhanced with coloring. Therefore, you should choose the suitable color before the haircut is made. If you experience difficulties, you can choose from a catalogue or a magazine.

After all, try always to match your style with the overall appearance, outfits, colors, accessories and the event. The teen look sometimes can be unsuitable for the particular occasion, and you can be considered as a too casual. But overall, short wavy hairstyles give you a very trendy, unique and modern look; they are easy-going and suitable to reproduce at home and fit easily to different face types.